Guided Listening & Music

Music plays a crucial role in psychedelic therapy. Listening to a well-planned playlist can serve as a therapeutic guide, leading the patient safely though emotional passages and on fantastic journeys. A 2018 study led by Mendel Kaelen found that the appreciation of music during a trip was a better predictor of sustained antidepressant effects than the dosage level was.

It is important to make sure the music or viewing is pleasant, comfortable, and ends on a pleasant note. Even still, every person will have different preferences. In preparation for a trip, we recommend you make several playlists of your favorite media, with therapy-relevant themes like calming music, childhood favorites, nostalgic songs, or dance tunes.

When using YouTube, it is recommended that patients use AdBlock Plus or similar plugins to avoid startling interruptions from advertisers.

Clinical Therapy Playlists

Several therapy playlists have been prepared and circulated by various institutions. These are listed below:

Traditional & Ceremonial Music

Aside from clinical selections, many traditional and ceremonial songs are available online as well.

Additional Recommendations

These recommendations are given as contemporary suggestions based on community favorites.

  • Relaxing Instrumental Music
    • Listen on YouTube
    • This is a collection of hundreds of hours of ambient instrumental and piano music and soundscapes
  • Pop Culture Remixes
    • Listen on YouTube
    • Collection of music arrange from remixes of popular TV shows, movies, documentaries, and cartoons
  • Meditative Mind: Positive Vibes Only
    • Listen on YouTube
    • This channels is dedicated to longplay music that is very well suited to visionary and meditative journeys