Visual Appreciation

Few things in life are more spectacular than beholding visual beauty while tripping — whether it be in paintings hung in a museum, projection art on a music festival stage, or favorite childhood cartoons viewed from the comfort of home.

Like music, consuming visual works while tripping seems to evoke a guided sense of inner psychospiritual transformation. The emotional resonance of a work of art is deepened by the psychedelic state. Disturbing images should be cautiously avoided, as they might evoke difficult thoughts and memories; on the contrary, marvelous imagery may ground the viewer in a powerful alternative headspace.

Video Playlists

  • Visual Metamorphosis Playlist
    • Collection of videos under 10 minutes of organisms and things growing, evolving, and self-organizing. Over 170 videos.
    • Watch on YouTube
  • Visual Longplay Playlist
    • Collection of longer videos over 10 minutes of slow-evolving psychedelic visuals and timelapses.
    • Watch on YouTube

Visionary & Psychedelic Art Galleries